Decal Application

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Once you have received your decal or lettering, follow these instructions before application.


Lay the decal face-up on a flat, dry surface
Begin to squeegee from the middle in an up, and down motion.
Slowly advance to the right in 1/2 steps until you reach the end.
Use moderate pressure. Now do the same in the other direction.
This will remove any air that may have collected around the vinyl during shipment.


  • If the application is during cold weather, turn on your heat/defrost to help warm the glass of the vehicle.

  • Use a heat gun, or hair dryer to heat the outside surface to approximately 75-80F. Your best option will be to pull the vehicle inside away from the elements.

  • A good rule of thumb, if the surface is too hot to touch, then you are using to much heat!

  • Please beware, your decal most certainly can fall off the next time you drive your vehicle if you do not heat the surface before installation!

How to Apply Your Decal

  1. If using Rapid Remover, clean remaining adhesive from old decal first. Then clean surface thoroughly with Rapid Tac, Remove all traces of dust, dirt, soap, and grease.

    Make sure the surface is DRY before going on to Step #2.

  2. Do not remove the paper backing at this time. Attach the vinyl graphic to the surface with two pieces of masking tape (4 pieces for larger graphic). Find locations on the surface to measure equally from. Then measure different edges of the graphic, and adjust to the proper position you desire.
    Attach Vinyl Graphic

  3. ALWAYS measure from the graphic itself, and NOT the backing paper or masking tape, which may not be straight.
    Peel Masking

  4. Apply a vertical strip of masking tape over the center and extending past the graphic about 2" on each side of the decal. This is your hinge point for removing the wax paper backing and applying your decal.
    Flip the Masking

  5. Grab the bottom left or right corner of clear masking Peel off the top clear masking towards the masking tape at the center of your graphic and from the wax paper backing and cut the backing paper. Then discard the wax paper. If you are using Rapid Tac, apply to the surface area now, but avoid soaking the wax paper that is still there.
    Remove Strips of Tape

  6.  Grab the two corners of the masking, flip the masking, and vinyl back down, but hold it up so it does not touch the surface.
    Peel of Clear Masking

  7. Now you are ready to squeegee down the vinyl. DO NOT smooth with your hand!. This creates tiny bubbles in the vinyl!

    While holding the end of the vinyl up, start to squeegee from the middle, in an up, and down motion. Slowly advance from the center in 1/2 steps until you reach the end. Use moderate to firm pressure. Don't be scared - press hard if needed! You want the decal to stay.

    There may still be some tiny bubbles. Don't worry, these will go away with time in the sun!

  8. Remove the strips of tape, lift the other side, and peel off the rest of the wax backing paper.

  9. Spray Rapid Tac, then using the same method as before, squeegee the surface.

  10. Slowly peel off the clear masking, leaving the lettering or graphic behind.

  11. If using Rapid Tac allow 10-15 minutes for it to evaporate before proceeding.

  12. Be careful that the graphic or lettering does not peel up with the clear masking, as you pull the masking off. If the graphic tries to come off with the masking tape, squeegee it back again with more pressure, and continue to peel off the masking.

  13. Congratulations You're Done!

Some important tips:

When using Rapid Remover, be careful not to get too aggressive, and scratch the surface. 

First, peel as much of the old vinyl off as you can with your fingers. Then spray with Rapid remover, and let soak for a minute or two, then work the remaining vinyl or adhesive with your fingernails. If there is still some stubborn adhesive, spray again, and let soak for a bit longer, then try to remove again rubbing with your fingers, and nails.

Before completing the last step, it is VERY important that you squeegee with moderate to heavy pressure to ensure ALL of the decals have adhered to the surface. Any bubbles close to the edge of the vinyl can be worked out as well. Check that all of the excess Rapid Tac is worked out from under the masking and lettering too. If you do not complete step #6 correctly, your decal will not last and may begin to peel.

Park your vehicle in a warm place, or directly facing the sun to allow the decal time to adhere.


NEVER install your graphic with tools other than what is recommended in these instructions!

Visit our FAQ for more tips and tricks!

Click DOWNLOAD to get the PDF version to print or use offline.

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