Bookmarking your design for viewing later. Bookmark your custom

Bookmarking your design for viewing later. 

Bookmark your custom decal maker design.

These links are located on the custom decal pages after you have made all your custom choices and generate your name, windshield, or business decal. Just below Decal details: you will see the red link for Click here to bookmark your design and Right-click here to copy your design URL.
Why are these options useful?
Basically they will only be useful if you are not sure what you are wanting and want to save a few ideas to compare with each other later. Also, if you are putting a design together for say a car club and you want some of the members to approve the design before you make the purchase, then this option will prove very useful.
Simply right-click on the bookmark link and choose 'bookmark this link'. It is then saved in your bookmark link file and you can open it again anytime later. Maybe you want to email this link. That is where the copy of the URL link comes in handy. Simply right click and select 'copy link location' then you can paste it into an attachment or e-mail. Very useful.

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