Did you receive my check or money order?

I sent my payment and its been awhile. Did you receive it? I would like to know when I will be getting my package.

Did you receive my payment?

If you mailed your check or money order more than 2 weeks ago, and your order status has not changed to "shipped", please submit a Support Ticket by click on the link on the left side of this page.

Include the following if possible:

the e-mail address that appears on check or money order 
the account name on check or money order (full name and address that appears in the upper left corner of the check) 
the exact dollar amount 
the exact date the check or money order was sent 
the check or money order number 
the date the check was cashed (if applicable--please contact the issuing bank for confirmation) 

These details will help us track down your payment.

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