Do's & Don'ts of Business lettering

Choosing business lettering:
Do: Select a size option that will readily advertise what your business offers and is suitable for the location you will be applying it to.

Don't: Go to small just to save money. A 5" X 10" decal for custom business lettering does not give you much room to communicate what you are trying to offer with your company.

Do: Choose a stylish font for your business name, then select a standard or less extravagant font for your company information. Looks much more professional.

Don't: Misspell anything, because we might not catch it (although we do keep our eyes open for mistakes)and you may have a large amount invested. All we do here at decalcity is copy and paste the info you give us concerning your business. 

Double check all your spelling.

Do: Ask us about custom business lettering options. There are a lot of things we can and are willing to do for you to make your lettering stand out. If you have some ideas for a custom logo for your company. Let us know. We will work with you.

Don't: Be afraid to use one of the other custom decal options, if the size choices in business lettering are not exactly what you want. We use the same vinyl for all our lettering.

Do: Choose a drop shadow or outline option. They really set your lettering off, which results in a deeper, lasting impression for your business. 

So now you have a good idea of how to start! Let's go in order!

Business Lettering
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