How are custom decals laid out or put together?

What will I be getting? Separate individual lettering? One solid strip? Does it go on the inside or outside of my windshield?

With our custom decals, all the lettering comes on one strip whether it's boat registration numbers, jetski numbers, US Dot numbers or custom windshield decals. The vinyl letters are cut from one solid sheet of vinyl according to the color you order. This greatly simplifies the application and the end result is much better than individual numbers or letters. Which can very difficult to keep straight.

Your custom sticker will apply to the outside of your boat, truck, car or building. They are very durable and lasts for up to six years outside. Your custom lettering will arrive with application tape or as some call it 'masking' over the top and a solid paper backing. Simply follow the step by step instructions that we include with your order and in a few minutes, you will be ready to hit the lake or the road, whichever you are purchasing your decal for.

I hope this answers some of your questions about custom boat registration numbers, custom US Dot numbers, Waverunner registration numbers, and windshield decals.

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