How do I remove a decal?

I would like to remove the decal from my vehicle, or another surface. Can I do this safely?

How do I remove decals?

It's actually quite simple. To remove the decal, simply heat the decal with a hairdryer. Once the decal has been heated, use the tip of your fingernail to lift the edge, and work across the surface of the decal. Once the vinyl is removed, use Prepsol, or paint thinner to remove any glue residue.

When heating the decal, it's important not to heat the decal 'too much'. You'll know when you've done this, as it becomes increasingly difficult, and the decal begins to stretch and break as you pull. 
If you do not heat the decal enough, again it will be difficult to remove the decal. Give it a try - you will discover the 'right amount' of heat to use.

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