Laws concerning boat registration numbers.

What are the legal requirements my boater numbers must meet?
They vary a little from state to state, but here are the basics:
1. The figures need to read from left to right.
2. They must be displayed on the forward half of each side of the bow of your boat.
3. Numbers must be bold, block letters of good proportion.
4. Numbers must not be less than three inches high.
5. They must be of contrasting color to the boat hull.
6. They must be as high above the waterline as practical.
7. No number other than the number assigned can be displayed on the forward half of the vessel.
8. Letters must be separated from numbers by spaces or hyphens.(very important!)
9. Validation decals must be three inches to the right of the last letter displayed.
10. Boat Certificate of Registration must be carried on the vessel when being operated. 
For even more detailed information concerning the laws of your specific state, go to our Boat Registration Resource page.

Boat Registration Resource
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