Step by step vinyl decal application instructions.

Vinyl Lettering, Graphic, and Decal Installation Instructions

If the application is during cold weather, turn on your heat/defrost to help warm the glass. Use a Heat gun / Hair Dryer FIRST to heat the glass to approx 75-80F . If possible, pull your vehicle inside away from the elements.


YOUR DECAL -WILL- FALL OFF if you do not heat your glass before installation!!
If RainX has been applied, Visit for removal instructions.

#1 Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol or soap and water. Remove all traces of dust, dirt, soap, and grease. Make sure the surface is dry. 

IMPORTANT - Lay the decal face-up on a flat, dry surface. Begin to squeegee from the middle in an up and down motion. 

Slowly advance to the right in 1/2" steps until you reach the end. Use moderate pressure. Now do the same in the other direction. 

This will remove any air that may have collected around the vinyl during shipment.
Congratulations! Your decal is ready to be applied. Please advance to step #2

#2 Attach the vinyl graphic to the surface with two pieces of masking tape (4 pieces, if the graphic is large). Do not remove the paper backing at this time. Measure the graphic and adjust it to the proper position.

#3 Apply a vertical strip of masking tape over the center of the graphic.

#4 Peel up the top masking and graphic from the paper backing and cut the paper backing as shown. Then discard the cut piece of paper.

#5 Flip the masking and vinyl back and hold it up enough so it does not touch the surface. Now you are ready to 'squeegee' down the vinyl. A CREDIT CARD WORKS PERFECTLY FOR THIS STEP! While holding the end of the vinyl up, start to squeegee from the middle in an up and down motion. Slowly advance to the right in 1/2" steps until you reach the end. Use moderate to HEAVY pressure. Don't be scared - press hard! You want the decal to stay!

#6 Remove the strips of tape and peel off the rest of the backing
paper. Now squeegee down the left side while holding up the vinyl.

#7 Slowly peel off the masking from the surface and the graphic. Be careful that the graphic does not peel off with the masking. If it does, squeegee it back, and continue to peel off the masking.

Some important tips:
It is very important that you do not have old, worn wiper blades. We can not be held responsible for torn lettering due to
old wiper blades. If you want your decal to last, do not run old blades!

Before completing the last step, it is VERY important that you squeegee with moderate, to heavy pressure to ensure ALL of the decals have adhered to your glass. If you do not complete the #6 correctly, your decal will not last and may begin to peel.

Park your vehicle in a warm place, or directly facing the sun to allow the decal time to adhere.


NEVER use tools to install your decal, besides what is recommended here.

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