What size decal should I order?

How do I know what size decal I need to order?
You will want to keep in mind how many characters your custom decal contains. As a rule of thumb with custom names the more letters the longer the decal should be. With a decal height of 1" you should figure close to an inch in length for each letter. For example with the name(Carmen), you would order a 1"X 5" custom decal.
Another example for a full name like(Carmen Lynn Bishop)you would want at least 1" X 10" custom name decal. One more example. We received a lot of orders for website addresses like(www.sterlingearth.com)as a 1" X 5" that would allow less than a 1/4 of an inch in width for each letter.
How will this decal look?
Like a train wreck! In the very least you should order your custom decal as a 1"X 10", but a 1"X 13" would work better. Some of our customers with the font to remain true or exactly proportional. This we can and will gladly do upon your request.
We receive many orders where the buyer will purchase a 1"X 5" for an entire sentence which leads to a very distorted sticker.
Also, keep in mind as you increase the height of your custom sticker, you will likewise want to increase the width. Ex: Carmen - 2" tall, you would want to increase the width to 7".
Also, keep in mind the space you are working with. How much room do you have?
If you have specific instructions you want us to follow. Just leave a comment in our 'comments section' of your order and we will gladly work with you on your custom decal until it is to your liking.

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