Where's My Stuff

It's been at least a week, and I've not received my package - where's my stuff?

Where's My Stuff?

Wondering about an order you've already placed? Visit the order summary in Your Account. For assistance with late orders, see the following information:

If the order is past the estimated delivery date and you have not received it, it may be lost. Submit a support ticket with the following information, and we will do our best to locate your package:

Include the following if possible:

The name on your DecalCity.com account
The address on your DecalCity.com account 
The exact dollar amount of your order
The exact date your order was placed
The Order Number of the order in question found on your My Account page

Any of these details will help us track down your package.

If the status of your order says "Pending", or "Processing", and its been at least 1 week since you placed your order, please submit a support ticket.
Please confirm the correct shipping address when contacting us.

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